Monday, February 13, 2012

The Log Hive

I suppose a woodpecker is responsible for this, after all, what other explanation could there *bee*? ;/ I wonder what happened when it kept on knocking? Did the bees come out to defend their home?
We'll have to coax them out and into a new home soon........

Here below is the entrance to the hive......
Bizzy girls!

Bringing in pollen......

My husband got a package today and Honeybee decided she liked the way the box fit.....after all there's a bee suit inside ;)
Until Next Time....


  1. I wonder what the bees did when all that knocking was going on, too! The comb in there is so pretty. How will you coax the bees out and into a box? Will you have to spit the log open? Honey Bee in the box made me laugh. She's such a pretty girl.

  2. Penny, I saw (somewhere) a way where they can be drummed out. Over seas somewhere they've done it and also way back when, here, it's been done. There's literature about it from the early 1900's. But, I saw a video on it dangit! and can't remember where or how to look it up again! Anyway....that's MY (our) ;) plan, to drum them out. It's also been proven that if you see a swarm you can bang/drum them into a box (if you're ready. It's so fascinating!
    HA! Honeybee is definitely Queen Bee around here! She just plopped herself right in front of me at the computer! She's so demanding, but I love her so! ;)

  3. Oh my gosh! That sounds so neat! Please take a video of that - I would really love to see it. I'm also excited to see how much honey you find in that log and all the pretty comb.

    1. Penny, from looking in the entrance, the colony looks pretty small. At the end of summer (or what was supposed to be) it looked like the log was full. It's normal for all colonies to dwindle during the winter and this one is no exception. They look strong and healthy though and seem to be pretty docile. I couldn't see up into the entrance so I stuck my camera up there and even with lots of flashes....they didn't seem to be bothered by it, I didn't even think about the fact that they could've gotten all in my hair/head until I walked away ;}
      We'll have to cut the log open when we get them out, hopefully we can do it with little to no damage :) And hopefully it will go as planned and we can get a decent video of it.
      I still wish I could find that video of the one I saw on here!