Thursday, February 2, 2012

Update On Hive Split

I checked in on the Nuc that me and my husband split five days ago. The girls have pulled out queen cells galore! Some of them are already sealed. They have been *bizzy* ;)

They are in a super/nuc. This is one my Niece Hannah painted two years ago! My goodness! Time has flown!

The girls are in a wonderful area! Some of the trees have already bloomed and sprouting out with seeds! There's still a lot more waiting to bloom!
We were hoping that we'd be able to get more splits, but things don't always happen the way we want them to. Some of our hives, we had to put back into nucs from their larger boxes due to decreased size of the hive.
It's good to keep the girls tight so they can fight off the hive beetles, wax moths, wasps, etc. Poor girls, they have so much to do and worry about!

Until Next Time.......


  1. Wow, that nuc is doing really well! And I love the paintings that you and Hannah did on box!

    1. We went over to take a quick peek inside the other day and I found the queen! She's so beeutiful! All of the brood hatched out & they are doing fantastic! I put a brood box on top of them b/c they needed the room! We are so proud of them ;)
      Thanks from Hannah ;) She was over a few weeks back and we visited the box and we couldn't believe it's been two years already since she painted it!