Monday, October 26, 2009

Where have all the HoneyBees gone?

My theory, they packed up and flew to Arizona!My husband and I took a much needed and way in advanced, planned trip to Sedona Arizona a few weeks back. It's such a beautiful, tranquil place. We saw some amazing sights and had a glorious time together.
We traveled from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon, and stayed the night along the way. The land changed it seemed every time we went around a curve or over a mountain. Some places were flat even in the highest part of the mountains, the scenery was spectacular everywhere!
The most fascinating thing to us was seeing honeybees.....everywhere we went! We asked everyone we met about them but no one even knew they were there! We wanted to find a beekeeper but still no luck.
When we got to the Grand Canyon, sitting in line we noticed honeybees all over the flowers outside of the ticket booths, I asked the Park Ranger about them and he said he didn't even know they were out there and knew nothing about them. I thought No wonder they moved here! They can live in peace! Another thing I noticed was the bees were the only pollinators with the exception of a butterfly now and again. It may have been the time of year, I'm not sure. Here we have lots of different pollinators, more now that they've cut back on spaying for mosquitoes. (didn't kill them anyway, just the good insects)
When we got home I did manage to find a "retired" beekeeper over the internet. He told me he stopped keeping bees years ago because a law was passed (because of FEAR) that no one could keep bees in the rural areas any more. Everyone had become "afraid" of the honeybees! He also said that the "African honey bees" had pretty much taken them over since then and the honey bees "as we know" is probably long gone, he said the honeybee is defiantly in trouble.
The media has really messed this country up! They are the puppets of major corporations and government! I am a skeptic from WAY back and have a hard time believing what the media and government throws our way. Honestly!! If someone were to stand back a distance when I get into our bees they would swear that I was being attacked by the vicious killer bees! PLEASE!! When in reality all they are doing is flying about trying to figure out what I'm doing and for me to hurry up and BEE on my way! Sure every once in a great while one of the guard bees gets upset and will warn me for a few days when I pass by, to stay away, but I don't blame her and I certainly don't think she's gone "killer" on me! For heavens sake! Scare tactics from these groups bring my blood to a boil! Maybe we do have some aggressive honey bees, I know our girls get pretty upset at us sometimes. But geez wouldn't you get pissed off (sorry) ;-) if someone barged in and disrupted your home that you've worked so hard on??? Some people just don't get it! We want and want but what's going to happen when we no longer can get or have??? Other than relying on the "government" and hey they can't do ANYTHING for themselves! Wake up People! Stop believing all their Bull!AUGGGGGG!
Okay, I'm still mad and upset and I won't get over it! But I will move on to brighter things!
Although, the get away was wonderful it was nice to get back home to those that missed us. I love my girls, they are the sweetest!

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