Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cleansing Flights/Fly Overs, Moles and Minerals

Cleansing flights.....
When we first got our bees a few years ago we were told about cleansing flights and how the bees would "drop" on our cars. Yes, they did back then and still do it now. I have always meant to take pictures of it but never had my camera with me when I passed by my car, so this year I made it a point to take a picture or two. Mind you it had rained earlier so it's not as bad in the pics as it is most days.;) I always say if I went out and buffed my car I'd have a really good wax shine ;) I also call these "fly overs"

I didn't notice these scratches until I uploaded this photo...neighbors cats again...grrrr, but oh, well nothing a little bit of wax poo won't wipe out, huh? ;)
We have moles... aggravating, tunneling moles....they tear up the yard something awful. Here one tunneled under my Nuc stand and I actually straightened it up before I took this picture! The poor girls were nearly entrance down in the ground!
These last pitures are of our honeybees gathering minerals out of a tray that I have on our patio that I started seeds in last year. I couldn't get close ups of them but I could see them licking the soil, it was so neat to watch them. Butterflies gather nutrients from the soil like this too.

My camera died the other day and I am SO lost without it :( I'm on the look for another one so wish me luck! I needed it desperately this weekend when we got into some of our hives. We ran into some very unusual things that we've never seen or even read about in any of our magazines or books. I told my husband no one would ever believe me if I just wrote about it with no pics to back it up.......That's what I love about bees, they are part of nature, something that's part of our lives and something we will never "bee" able to figure out. They are amazing creatures and I know most people that know me (even the ones that don't) ;) think I'm the absolute weirdest person in the world but I have such a passion for them! I wish everyone could feel what I feel about them sometimes...geez let me stop, the men in the "other" white suits might "bee" at my door in a bit ;) LOL
Joking aside though......I do Love my honeybees!

Until next time!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Honeybee projects

Winter for beekeepers is a time to prepare for the spring...for the start of a very "bizzy" and sweet season. I volunteered to help out with a project that will help young students learn about honeybees. My part was to help out with the making of the bees. Knee high panty hose were used by being stuffed with batting (pillow) stuffing then painted a honey yellow.

Drying in the warmth of the wood stove.
Next the stripes, eyes and back have to bee painted on.
Then comes the wings and pipe cleaner legs and antennae.Isn't she cute! She will hang on a comb made from a large white sheet made to look like a honey comb along with all the others that I made. When you walk into the building (that's shaped like a giant bee skep by the way) you will feel like a tiny ant that wondered into a giant bee hive. I am looking forward to seeing it when it's finished. I'll post pics when we get there!

Not sure when we'll "bee" finished but I'll get the chance to check up on it next month! So, stay tuned! I'll keep ya posted!

Until next time,
BEE Bee-u-ti-fully Sweet!!!