Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Swarms are in Season

Our first swarm call for this year.
I was on my way to haul some mulch home for the gardens this morning when my husband called me and said he had a swarm he'd like for me to finish up for him. So naturally off I went in his direction.When I got there he already had most of them in a box along with the queen. I finished herding the rest of the girls into the box, closed and taped them up and started for home.
I didn't realize it until I had gotten on the road......I had a hitch hiker lol She rode right there the whole way home, some 40 minutes away! She was resting and cleaning herself. We had a wonderful conversation..... I asked her to please stay there until we get home......she's such a good girl. I've also heard that the vibrations of a vehicle calms them.......maybe there's some truth to that.

I finally get to use my "Nuc" YAY!!!

I had a little bit of honey from last season that I've been using in my baker's cocoa in the mornings so I took it and poured it on the empty frames to encourage them to start pulling out comb. I also went into one of our other hives and pulled a frame of brood and eggs for them. This encourages them to stay because they have a family to care for and will pull out comb even faster.

Once they settled down a bit I added the other frames and put the top on the hive. I also gave them some sugar water in a feeder until they can get established in their new home.
I'll let them "BEE" for a few days then take a peek....Stay tuned........there's more to come.
It's Spring Time!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Backyard beekeeping

Just having some fun with a couple of nucleus bee boxes. I wanted something a little different to add to my gardens/yard.
These are nucleus bee boxes......they were made so the beekeeper could house a small swarm or to split a large hive. Some beekeepers use the "Nucs" to raise queens in. I have even talked to a couple of experienced beekeepers that have started using these nucs just like they used to use the larger Langstroth hive boxes. They went to these nucs because it's easier on their backs. You can stack these hives the same way and you can add supers on them as well.
I'm going to try them out this year, I've also heard from other beekeepers that do this and they say that the yield of honey is better because the bees always want to build up instead of out.

Hope you enjoyed.
Take care and remember