Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Swarms are in Season

Our first swarm call for this year.
I was on my way to haul some mulch home for the gardens this morning when my husband called me and said he had a swarm he'd like for me to finish up for him. So naturally off I went in his direction.When I got there he already had most of them in a box along with the queen. I finished herding the rest of the girls into the box, closed and taped them up and started for home.
I didn't realize it until I had gotten on the road......I had a hitch hiker lol She rode right there the whole way home, some 40 minutes away! She was resting and cleaning herself. We had a wonderful conversation..... I asked her to please stay there until we get home......she's such a good girl. I've also heard that the vibrations of a vehicle calms them.......maybe there's some truth to that.

I finally get to use my "Nuc" YAY!!!

I had a little bit of honey from last season that I've been using in my baker's cocoa in the mornings so I took it and poured it on the empty frames to encourage them to start pulling out comb. I also went into one of our other hives and pulled a frame of brood and eggs for them. This encourages them to stay because they have a family to care for and will pull out comb even faster.

Once they settled down a bit I added the other frames and put the top on the hive. I also gave them some sugar water in a feeder until they can get established in their new home.
I'll let them "BEE" for a few days then take a peek....Stay tuned........there's more to come.
It's Spring Time!!!

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