Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Warm Winter

Honeybees need water to make comb, propolis and honey. I love watching the girls collecting water from my small ponds.

A beekeeper in the making! ;)
His Sweet wife, my Awesome cousin and her Adorable husband! ;)
We graduated two of our Nucs today. This one was the first.....the girls are checking out their new home.
The hive was full, healthy and the queen was and has been laying like crazy!

This was the second Nuc. It was just as full and healthy!
We also split one of our large hives, I didn't get the chance to take pics :(
They had already started pulling queen cells, getting ready to swarm. We will definitely have to *bee* on our toes this year! Last year we let quite a number of swarms go to the wild.

Our winter has been unusually warm here this year. Some days it still feels like summer!
I hope the weather has been good to all of the honeybees and all of the other pollinators every where.

Until next time!
Bee Bizzy!