Friday, December 17, 2010

There's Really Nothing To Fear!

This is my sweet neighbor, during the summer she came over and we went into a couple of hives. She's a natural! I think the only thing that bothered her was the biting knats!

This was a small hive we went into that I had split a couple of days earlier and bad weather set in, during that time robbing happened. The hive was destroyed :(
Once a hive is destroyed or weakened it becomes open for attack on so many levels. Here wax moths moved in and within a day they can consume and destroy!
Here you can see the trails from the moth larvae tunneling through the cells eating the bee larva.

Pretty pose ;)
My poor girls :( I wanted to cry!
This is one of our Nucs that has grown really well!My sister wanted to go into the hives so we did. I love showing how the bees are to anyone interested! Everyone I talk to is intrigued by them, wanting deep down to see what they're all about but they are still a bit afraid. Really there is no reason to be afraid! They are sweet creatures and give so much to us. The main thing to always remember if you ever come to our apiary.......don't wear cologne or perfume......and if you happen to be visited by a girl or two, just feel privileged ;) They like to see who has come for a visit....just don't swat or wave them away;)
Me and my sister
Her first time holding a frame of bees ;)

Two more sweet people interested in bees! They'll make fine beekeepers! And parents ;)

They both were naturals at looking for eggs and the queen!

I love letting people know how sweet beekeeping really is. I do hope if you are the slightest bit interested in honeybees that you will look up a local bee keeper and ask to visit their apiary and maybe get into a hive or'll bee glad you did.

Until next time.......
Bee curious!