Thursday, March 10, 2011

Look Ma, No Gloves!

Spring is here!!!
At least the plants and bees/pollinators think so ;) I'm still cold....but thankful that I live in the South ;) I love springtime!!! Everything blooming and buzzing....

I have reached a goal!!! Well....kind of, I mean, I was so excited that this is the second "Nuc" that I've been into without gloves!!! YAY!! I was so happy! ;)
Some times happiness doesn't last too long! LOL
Look Ma, No gloves!!! ;)
After I finished up with the Nuc... I went into the larger hive, still gloveless and confident....
Then out of no where, one of the girls got angry and flew right onto my thumb and stung the fire out of me!!! Needless to say, when the throbbing stopped, I put my gloves back on! I don't know what made her mad, I hadn't squished any of them....oh, well, gloves it is, on the large hives!
I totally admire anyone that can get into a full hive of bees without hand protection! The small hives I have no problem with, I've even gone into them without head veil and gloves and they are awesome....but I just can't make it through the large hives.....
"Welcome home honey" of my nucs. This one houses the sweet girls I had my pic gloves. I love small hives!!

Until next time!!!


  1. I got a chuckle out of the title of your post! We get spring early here in Texas too. Today the high is going to be 76! Yea!

    I really do admire your bee keeping hobby. My brother and I have an interest in bee keeping. Within a few years he is going to buy some land in Virginia, and was talking about bee keeping. Of course I'll be tagging along! :)

    You are nearly a bee charmer, going in without gloves! Did you see Fried Green Tomatoes, when Idgie charms the bees? I love that movie!

    By the way, I love the pretty little "bee homes." :)

  2. You are a lot braver then I am no way could I do it without gloves if I had bees. I love your bee homes they are Beautiful.

  3. Kim, Thanks for stopping by! I always enjoy hearing from you! Thanks for the "chuckle" ;)

    Wow! Virginia! Brrr....I love to visit there it's so beautiful! But then again I haven't been anywhere on this earth that you can't find beauty! You just have to be willing to look! And yes, you most certainly have to keep bees! They are awesome! And "YOU" I know would make an excellent beekeeper! ;)I just have this uncanny feeling about you! ;)

    I watched Fried Green Tomatoes when it first came out but I don't remember it...I'll definitely check it out again! Thanks!

    And thank you for the compliment on the bee homes ;) I painted them myself ;) I love yard art and they go perfectly tucked into my gardens!

  4. Charlotte! If you ever come down this way you will definitely have to get into the bees with me!! Or better yet get into them with Penny!!! ;) They are totally harmless! Especially the Nucs! But don't listen to me...look how long it took me to get up the nerve to go gloveless! And still now it's only in a Nuc hive!

    Thanks for the comment on the bee homes ;) I painted them and I love yard art ;)

  5. You painted those little bee homes yourself? You’re talented...and very kind for giving those lucky bees such nice homes.

    Thank you for the compliment that I would make a good bee keeper. I care about their little lives. On that note, I have a funny bee story for you: I was at the food store on a damp, chilly spring day, and some little honeybee must’ve got caught in the rain. He was laying on the ground on his side, with his wings soaked. Someone nearly ran him over with their shopping cart! I bent down and scooped him up in my hand. He was near lifeless, so I brought him inside my car, turned on the heat and warmed him up. While his wings were drying, I mixed up some sugar-water. He was able to suck up some, and before I knew it, his little abdomen began to throb with life. Faster and faster and throbbed until I couldn’t contain him anymore. I rolled down the window and he flew away....

    And by the way, you are right: we just have to be willing to look for the beauty around us. Even though I loathe Texas, I still do find beauty right outside my door, with the birds that I feed and the moon in the sky tonight...

  6. Awwww....Kim, You are a sweetheart! See, I knew you have the heart to "bee" a Beek (beekeeper)! One little bit of info though....bees are she's ;) There is only about one percent males in a hive, they are called drones and are only around from spring til winter. The female (worker) bees raise them and take care of them, their (the drones)only duty is to mate with a queen bee. ;) Sweet but sad :( They have the best life of a honeybee though ;)

    My thoughts are always with you Kim! Thanks for being you!

  7. I just love your artistic work on those hives! I am going to try my hand with ours, but I don't have high hopes. If the bees move out I'll really have my feelers hurt! HA!

    You are brave to go gloveless, but I can understand why you want to. I have the hardest time working in any type of gloves. You're a Bee Whisperer :)


  8. Thank you Penny!And I am 100% sure that your bees will love your art work!!! You'll have to post pics!

    I'm not crazy about going gloveless, it's just something I wanted/needed to prove to myself. But I do not like to get stung. I have some really nice fitting gloves, I bought them from Lowe's, they fit pretty tight and I have gotten them so broken in I don't know what I'll do if/when they wear out. I've looked for them again and naturally they don't have them.
    Thanks for the sweet "Bee Whisperer" comment. But you're bound to "bee" one too! ;)