Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our First Tree Hive Rescue!

I got a phone call this afternoon from my mom. She had an old oak tree cut down that was in her front yard. She said the guys had gotten there early and limbed the tree, mulched the limbs and had not seen anything until they cut it down. Then the yard was full of honeybees! They were flying everywhere! The guys cutting the tree had thought when they came pouring out that they were yellow jackets but when they weren't being attacked they knew it was honeybees. They told my mom and she said she was calling me. They had more trees in the neighborhood to cut down so told her they would come back.
It was a young hive (probably the one we lost due to a swarm last week)! LOL You can tell they were just starting out with the pure white comb and the brood that I saw was still in the c-cell stage. Very little honey. I'll leave you to enjoy the pictures......

The entrance hole

We found where the main hive body was and my husband cut that section off of the main tree trunk. He then stood it upright and assigned me the task of vacuuming them.
We vacuumed them out with a bee vac that my husband made, it has very very low suction and inside the box that they are sucked in we have a cushion pad. If any beekeepers are interested in making a bee vac let me know and I'll post the instructions.

All tucked into their new home for now. You can always tell when you get the queen, the bees stay where she is. We haven't seen her yet but after a day or two more I'll check in on them and try to find her.
This was amazing and should really show people that these insects are very gentle and do not go out of their way to sting! Not one person was stung today!

BEE Not Afraid of Honeybees :o)


  1. Wow. I have heard about bees in a hollow tree but I have never seen one for myself.

  2. This was the first time we've ever seen one too Angie! It was amazing! I felt and still feel bad for the ones we couldn't get, they were so disoriented poor girls! :o(

  3. Amazing the work (fun) you have with the bees!!!

  4. Reba, when I think of having to go into them on days that I'd "rather" be doing something else, I feel overwhelmed...until I get into the hive...they are soo amazing! So gentle and calm it automatically calms me. I truly believe that these are GOD'S chosen insects LOL I mean think about it, they are the only insect that gives us food, they are mentioned in the Bible, they are up there with lambs! And they are just as gentle!
    Yes, I love my bees and the "work" is "fun"!

  5. I have to say that I was quite nervous while reading this post! I have been super paranoid about bees, wasps, and any bug with stingers since I was a small child. I was stung under the neck by 5 yellow jackets when I was wee. Not a good reason since I'm a lot older than that, now, but that's where the paranoia began. Since becoming a mommy years ago I have put on my big girl pants and decided to buck it up! Besides...I really don't want to pay boatloads of money for natural raw honey. : )
    Great blog!

  6. Carmen,
    I just visited your blog and read a few posts. I clicked on follow....I want to read more. We went through RSV as well, many many years ago with our first born.
    I too have been attacked by yellow jackets, a whole nest of them on my legs and body and hands. I would be so delighted to take you into my's such a different place. It's sad that we have things that mimic each other in looks....that's why looks can be deceiving. Some one nearby once told me (we were eating a "low country boil") that one of my bees just stung was a yellow jacket! When in flight they look just like honeybees, but honeybees don't light onto you and sting....when a honeybee lands on you they are just like a butterfly...looking to see what you are or looking for a place to rest, that's what I find with my bees anyway. A yellow jacket is a meat eater that's why they show up at outside eateries. Unfortunately honeybees can show up as well, because they like the sweet sodas, and so do the yellow jackets.
    I hope you can overcome your fear, I can't say I have completely over come mine, I still get fearful from time to time, but when I'm with them I am reassured of their gentleness.
    Hope to hear more from you :o)
    Thank you for leaving a comment.