Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fall cleanup and Honey in a straw

Remember in my last post I talked about combining two hives to make one?
Well, I didn't realize it would be so quick! I put them together the afternoon of Aug.19th and the morning of the 21st I was walking around the yard and I saw white powder???....or is that dust???? Did I powder sugar them when I was in there last???? Well if I did it surely wouldn't be on their front porch and all over the ground?? (It's funny how when you're telling what is running in your mind it seems like the thoughts take longer than they actually do) In this case nanoseconds LOL:O) Anyway it hits me...bam! You Nut! It's the paper from in between both boxes!
This top picture is the back of their hive (the back porch) Some of them enjoy hanging out back here.
This is the front of the hive
This is in the yard. Those girls were bizzy! that paper was all over the place! But they made a successful combination. I opened them up long enough to slide the frame they were on into the box with the rest of the bees, took off the extra box and put them back together. Everyone seemed happy and content.

We went to a Bee meeting last Saturday and had such a good time. It's something to see when a group of people that are interested in the same exact thing can have so many different ways of taking care of it. Some people stand back and don't really let their way of caring be known...and others (like me) just jump right in feet and mouth first! Then I want to kick myself all the way home! Not that I feel my way was or is wrong I just wish I could be one of the wonderful people in this world that could just sit back or stand back quietly and still be heard. Am I making sense?
I want you to check these two pictures out...click on them to enlarge. This little bee came buzzing up just as I was trying out some honey....several people brought some of their honey to sample..and boy was it delicious! Even little "Miss Bee" thought so...she didn't want to leave that honey. If you look close you can see her wings still flapping. Someone had put a straw in the honey bowl for easier dipping of the honey.
Isn't she cute! She finally got her fill and flew off.
Til next time...


  1. Isn't she so cute..how long have you been doing this?jeanie

  2. Thank you Jeanie, we think she's cute too. We've been keeping bees for about 17 months now. My husband has been wanting to keep bees for years but we just didn't know how to go about getting into them, until one day my mom called me to come see a swarm of bees that just came to her yard! It was on then...I was so excited and called my husband...we had NO idea what to do...my mom remembered a cousin (her niece) that had kept bees so I called her and she talked me through on what to do....it ended up that the swarm didn't stay with us because we weren't prepared but that was enough to get us started in searching and studying up on them and the next week we had our first hive. I guess this is where I can say the rest is history :o)