Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Honey donuts and spelling Bees ;-)

I know I sound bias when I say I have intelligent honey bees but this is my proof:-)
Could this mean that I have "Charlotte" Honey bees? Are they going to start forming messages for me like Charlotte did in "Charlotte's Web"?
If you put the Y then the O they might be saying "yo" ;-)(no comments please;-), I've already thought of them all:-)
These letters are actually from two different hives, I thought it was pretty neat.
As you can see on this frame with the donut shape the string I was talking about in one of the other posts. They covered over the old comb but still have their paths through it. That's why I said it's not a good many things can hide in there from our (my) view.

If you look to the right of the "Y" at the top you can see where they are starting to pull out a queen cell. It looks like the top of a peanut shell, they haven't finished it yet and as soon as the rain is over I've got to get back into their hive to investigate. This was our pee-wee hive and has now grown bigger than their box. I think they're wanting to split, hence the queen cell. I also found several others the day I took this picture but I couldn't find the queen either so I'm not sure what's going on. Can't get in there again til the skies are a little clearer......that's why we get rain every once in a while.......the bees are sending messages to keep me inside to clean MY house and stay out of theirs =+)
Until next time.......


  1. I think you need to give them some time to finish spelling out that message to you. I'm gonna guess it's something like "You need to leave us alone" ;-) Your a good bee mommy. Those are some lucky girls.

  2. Wait a minute now...if you look at the pic with the "Y" you'll also see an "i" there is NO "i" in "your comment";-) They are writing out their vowels;-) I'm waiting on an A,E and U next:-)
    Thank you for your comment...I also feel like I'm the lucky one.

  3. I'm not sure they are good spellers though ;-)

    OK, this isn't totally related, but Bernie and I used to get a little creeped out because our house in town used to spell out something to us when it snowed. There was something odd about the roof, and when the snow would start melting on it, the first places that ALWAYS melted spelled out the word "H E L L". I am not kidding. It was spooky - and it did that for the entire 20 years we lived there. It probably still does it today.

  4. And you never took pictures of it??? That is spooky....did weird things happen there???I mean other than you living there:-) haha.
    Love ya!

  5. LOL - No, other than us living there, weird things really didn't happen. We never did take a picture. Now that I think about it, the house did seemed cursed in that we never could sell it! But we have a great renter now, so maybe it really was the market situation, and not a cursed house ;-)

    OK speaking of creepy, if you get a moment, check out This Guy's post about the Satan Lamp. I suspect there is a little hanky panky going on with how it's moved, but it eerie - and This Guy is pretty funny.